About Bali

Bali is a lush island paradise, famed for its art, culture, and recreation.

Bali Island is the one of popular and famous tourist destination in the world. Bali Island also famous with name Island of Gods, Island with thousands of temples, Island of spiritual and Island of Paradise.

Bali Island

About Sanur

Experience life in Sanur town with a historical culture.
Sanur is situated in a coastal stretch of southeast Bali, , approxi-mately 30 minutes’ drive from International Ngurah Rai Airport, and conveniently located in the middle part of famous holiday desti-nation areas in Bali such Kuta, Nusa Dua and Ubud. And it has a long history as an area popular with artists and writer.
Moreover, now lined with cafes and traditional restaurants, it pos-sesses a relaxed atmosphere.

Also, Sanur beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Bali, offer charm of sunrise, white sandy beach and chic of Balinese lifestyle. It is also a convenient location from which to do water sports, or to explore the Island.
You may wish to enjoy the atmosphere as one of the locals.